Who Can Forgive My Past Failures?

Thoughtful women and men listen to the voice of conscience. The human condition is such that we repeatedly fail, make egregious mistakes, and experience lapses of judgment. To use a religious word, we sin. All our sins are committed against a just God. So, only God has a right to declare that our sins are forgiven, canceled, and wiped clean from the pages of his books. Jewish Scriptures confirms: “The LORD…God, merciful and gracious…forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin…” (Exodus 34:6-7). It is who God who is able to forgive our sins and clean our slate. So, where can we confidently turn today to obtain God’s forgiveness for our own failures? Consider the following story.

Lord: The Crown Jewel of Jesus’ Names

Jesus is Lord” or “Lord Jesus” are phrases all too easy for us to ignore. “Lord” seems to be the lowly pet rock or step-child of Jesus’ names, garden variety, misunderstood, or forgotten. But “Lord” is no pet rock, no step-child in Scripture. It’s the crown prince, yes, the crown jewel in Jesus’ diadem of names.

Tim Cole