We Are Better People When We Pay Attention to the Poor and to the Scriptures, Luke 16:14-31, Part 2

We are better people and our future is much brighter when we take the Scriptures seriously. After death, a rich bloke who ignored Scripture in life and ignored a sick beggar suffocating in unrelenting poverty at his gate, was confined to Hades; from his irreversible position, he negotiated with Abraham to spare his family from future torment. “Give my brothers something spectacular. They’ll pay attention to God if they’re entertained.” “Not so,” said father Abraham. “If Scripture is too passé for them, chills and emotional thrills won’t topple the materialistic idols in their hearts.”

Women are Easter Heroes

The heroes of Jesus’ resurrection are women. At Jesus’ empty tomb, women[1] saw the vacant grave, heard the angels’ report, and believed. They then went and announced the good news to Jesus’ apostles. The eleven men heard their story but promptly dismissed it. The women, they concluded, had simply lost their minds. Has this been your experience as a woman? Men don’t believe you when you speak truth about Jesus? Have men dismissed your thoughts because you were a woman? Did men fail to take your message of Christ seriously?