Why Giving Peace a Chance Doesn’t Work In Charlottesville

Peace is fragile. Harmony is easily shattered by human selfishness and self promotion, rooted in pride. Charlottesville, VA today is a field blanketed by the thorns of racial strife and tension. At its roots are pride. “Only by pride comes contention.”[1] Can the flowers of peace ever bloom in this nation and in the field of our own relationships? Yes, they really can bloom.

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Men Sleep

When God initiates a new covenant, a new relationship with someone, a typical pattern can be discerned. Once a pattern is established early in Genesis, the same pattern can be traced throughout Israel’s Scripture and then fulfilled in the New Testament.

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Jesus Pays Attention to Outsiders: Mark 8:22-26; 10:46-52

Do you feel marginalized in the Christian world? Despite your clear vision of Jesus, due either to your handicaps, color, gender, income level, lack of education, singleness, or a messy past, do you feel second class or ignored in Christian circles? Take hope. Jesus pays special attention to men and women whose vision of Him is clear but whose feet may step daily into the mud puddles of our society.

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Tim Cole