God Visits the Lonely

Are you lonely and miserable? Take hope. Your loneliness can be filled and your misery relieved. Consider the case of the poor widow.

God visited the Israelites in their misery by performing signs in the sight of the people. The Greek version of Israel’s Scripture records: “the people believed and rejoiced, because God has visited (έπεσκέψατο ό θεός) the sons of Israel, and because He saw their affliction.” (Ex 4:27-31). Misery relieved.

When Zechariah the prophet celebrated the birth of his son John, who in turn would prepare the way for the Lord {kurios, Jesus, the embodiment of Israel’s God}, he interpreted the coming of the Lord {kurios, Jesus} as God visiting His people (ό θεός έπεσκέψατο) in their misery. (Lk 1:68). The birth of Jesus meant God was actually visiting His people. Misery relieved.

The people in Nain [Israel] responded with the same exclamation of hope when they saw Jesus raise a widow’s son from the dead. Observe their response: “God has visited His people (έπεσκέψατο ό θεός) Luke 7:16. The parallel between God’s visit to Israel in their misery and Jesus’ visit of a widow in her misery is not accidental or by mistake. Luke connected Israel’s God and Jesus together. When Jesus visits, God visits.

When Jesus saw the grieving widow and visited her in Nain, it was God Himself who made the visit. Jesus, the embodiment of Israel’s God, still sees and visits His people in their misery. You miserable and lonely? Go to Jesus and you’ll discover that God has visited you. He’ll take away your loneliness and relieve your misery. Do it now.