The Image of God: Male and Female as Kings and Queens

Jesus’ church is not united in its understanding of the role of women in the culture.[1] Differences of opinions divide us. We listen to people in agreement with our position but ignore or dismiss men and women who view the issue differently. Today we are in gridlock, an OK Corral standoff. And due to anger and frustration, hostile name-calling begins (“feminazis,” “chauvinists”) and the demeaning of our opponents. I’ve written this piece in the hopes that by examining what God has said in Scripture, we all can better understand the roles God calls men and women to fulfill in the culture and maintain the unity of the Spirit in the cords of peace.

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Tim Cole
The Image of God: Male and Female, Part 1

It is not uncommon for women of faith to feel marginalized, unequal to men, and boxed-out from significant roles in the culture and in Jesus’ church. Their concerns are often summarily dismissed because they are often viewed as “feminist,” a loaded term in North American culture.[1] But it is unwise to dismiss the concerns of women of faith. Scripture goes out of its way to establish the equality of women with men on the solid foundation of God’s image. So men and women of faith ought not to panic or draw their swords when women raise such concerns. We will be better lovers of God and people if we pause and listen.

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