Bible Translations

Occasionally, modern translators miss the obvious when they fail to approach the Scripture text canonically. And unexpectedly, the older translations may connect better with the original text and its intended message.

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Tim Cole
Hope for the Damned

Have you denied the Savior by your lifestyle? Ever deny Him because of your concern for your image in front of friends? “What would they think of me if I refused to take part in their activity?” “What would they say about me?” Perhaps, you even cursed Jesus. Perhaps you are worried that you committed the unpardonable sin? Take hope. Failure is not final for genuine disciples of Jesus. He remains unflinchingly loyal to His own, even when they are disloyal to Him, even when they damn themselves.

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Men and Women: Equal in Gifting, Romans 12: 6-8

Men and women were designed by Jesus our Creator to be equal in gifting. Imagine the fresh wind in women’s hearts. Imagine the new confidence, sense of worth, and significant value they would feel. Imagine the infusion of fresh grace into your faith community. Imagine Jesus’ pleasure at seeing His grace-gifts being valued and utilized in His Body. But we shouldn’t have to just imagine it. Jesus meant it to be an operative reality.

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