Bible Study and Books

I want to share with you the incredible feeling I get from reading the Bible on my own and understanding it on my own. I am able to confidently do this because I’ve been taught how to study the Bible inductively.

There is no better encouragement than turning to God’s Word and being able to learn, understand, and apply its truth. This is certainly the case when the circumstances of our lives are challenging and overwhelming.

Yet, we don’t turn to the Bible in our hardships only. The way toward vigorous faith is by walking in God’s Word — all of His Word — on a regular basis.

My favorite resource for getting an introduction to the inductive Bible study method is through Precept Ministries, which is an organization that teaches this method. Get started with their free resources here: Precept Ministries.

Jen Wilkin is a well-known female Bible teacher. She has a variety of Bible study resources, following a similar study method as above. You can find her free, downloadable resources here: Jen Wilkin.

I love this quote from her, and couldn’t agree more:

When we read the Bible [to satisfy a felt need], we end up with spot knowledge of the Bible that is ultimately unhelpful. We have picked only those passages that yield something to us immediately. You’re never going to read the book of Leviticus if this is your approach to the Bible. You’re never going to read Lamentations. You’re going to stick to the parts that give you what you think you need from the Bible, rather than asking the God of the Bible to minister to you through his word on his terms.